Tropical Bottling Co. Trial Programs

Whether you are ready to turn your good idea into reality or are simply looking to test out new flavors and/or formulations, trust the experts at Tropical Bottling Co. We offer a trial run program that allows new or mature companies to produce small-quantity runs for sampling, product validation, marketing testing or other purpose.

We can make our plant available for a daily rate plus ingredient costs, so you can test new formulations before going to large scale production. Our trial program can produce as few as 100 cases or as many as 2,000 cases and more.
trial run can production

Benefits to our trial run program include:

  • Limit expenses on large production runs
  • Quickly produce new flavors
  • Sample various beverage formulations
  • Test the product with your target market
  • Outside laboratories used for quality assurance
  • Quality manager on-site to assure production quality
  • Labeling for cost-savings on printed can production
  • Custom palletizing allows you to choose pallet quantity and flavor combinations

Whether you have been in the industry for many years or are a brand new company that is ready to explore new ideas, trust and rely on Tropical Bottling Co. to get your product ready for market at a fair price. Choose our small batch beverage manufacturing services to help you meet the needs of your business.