Tunnel Pasteurization for Beverage Canning

Tunnel Pasteurization for Beverage CanningRegularly used when canning with aluminum, tunnel pasteurization for beverage canning uses multiple stages of heating a beverage and its packaging to kill microorganisms and create a safe, shelf-stable, ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage. Unfortunately, not all contract beverage canning companies offer this specialty. Perhaps they don’t have the state-of-the-art equipment needed, or maybe they specialize in a specific beverage type that does not require pasteurization. Luckily for beverage makers throughout the US, Tropical Bottling Co. offer hot and cold fill pasteurization and produces a wide variety of RTD products.

Tunnel Pasteurization & Many Other Capabilities

Tropical Bottling Co. offers tunnel pasteurization for a variety of products, including carbonated soft drinks, teas, flavored waters, energy drinks, flavored coffee products, nectars, sparkling juices, and more. But, our capabilities don’t end there. We can also provide:

  • Multiple Mixing Technologies
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment
  • HTST (Hot Temp / Short Time) Canning
  • Fructose and Liquid or Granulated Sugar Sweeteners
  • and More!

Additionally, we can provide you with greater flexibility than other canning companies by offering specialty services, such as in-house or 3rd-party labeling, custom palletizing, warehouse storage of finished goods, export services, regular, sleek and specialty cans, trial runs, and more.

Certified Safety & Quality Control

We take the safety and quality of your RTD products seriously and hold numerous certifications as the result to our commitment to excellence. We are non-GMO, organic, HACCP Certified, and we are proud to maintain an SQF Level II facility. We also have a quality control manager on-site during every production and utilize outside quality assurance laboratories to further ensure the safety and quality of your products.

If you are a beverage manufacturer in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, or any other US state and are looking for beverage co-packers with the capability to provide tunnel pasteurization for beverage canning or any other state-of-the-art filling techniques, contact us today!