Canning Company Serving Throughout the US

Canning CompanyTropical Bottling Co. is a top-rated canning company operating out of Medley, FL, which is just minutes away from Miami’s ports. With a prime location, we can provide beverage makers of all sizes with the canning, co-packing, packaging, and shipment preparation services they need to maintain efficient, profitable operations. In fact, we are the copackers that more and more American beverage makers trust for everything from beverage formulation efficiency and canning to labeling, custom palletizing and more.


We are a full-service canning company with the capabilities needed to provide a wide range of canning and warehousing services that cover every stage of production, storage and shipment, and we are also the copackers to rely on for top-quality products. Our canning company gladly cans everything from teas, coffees and flavored waters to soft drinks, sparkling juices, nectars and more.


Tropical Bottling Co. offers a wide range of canning processes to serve a broad client base. Options include cold fill, pasteurization, reverse osmosis water treatment and more. We also offer either in-house or 3rd-party labeling and custom palletization for a completely custom solution.

Trial Programs

Whether you are a startup looking to branch out into the beverage market or a seasoned professional interested in testing new flavors and brands, our turnkey trial programs are an ideal solution. With smaller minimum orders, multiple can options and shorter production times, these programs help beverage makers save money while getting new products to market. These programs, along with our industry knowledge and experience, are part of what makes us the ideal copackers for new beverage makers across the US.

Warehousing & Storage

Our facility is so close in proximity to the ports that we are an ideal solution for export services. In addition, our canning company has the storage space to house and palletize your product, and our copackers can help cut costs by eliminating the need for double handling.

Despite our canning company basing its operations in Southern Florida, we gladly serve beverage companies located in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and throughout the US, so contact us today to speak to expert copackers who can help you quickly bring your product to market. We look forward to serving you!