Canning Company in Florida, & Beyond

canning companyFinding a canning company that is also a beverage copacker for your RTD beverages can be a challenging process, but Tropical Bottling Co. is here to help. We specialize in helping beverage brands increase business and produce great-tasting products.

Why You Should Turn to a Canning Company

Deciding how you want to package your drink is the first step, but there are several advantages to choosing cans. Whether it’s slim cans, specialty cans, or regular cans, your canning company can help you choose which cans work best with your target market.

  • Convenience: Cans offer portability and convenience. They are durable and lightweight. Cans also chill faster, making them an excellent choice for those with an active lifestyle and who want to go on outdoor adventures without the risk of breakage. Cans are great for an outdoor venue when glass bottles aren’t allowed. Tropical Bottling Co. will enable you to determine which type of cans you want to offer your end-users.
  • Product Protection: Taste and personality are essential for beverage companies, and metal provides a complete barrier against oxygen and light, both of which can affect freshness and flavor. Cans help enhance the shelf life of the beverage, and the large surface area provided by cans allows you to promote your brand and attract attention in the store. With reverse osmosis water and pasteurization options from Tropical Bottling Co., your beverage can taste even better. Tropical Bottling Co. is a canning company with multiple industry certifications so that you can ensure product safety on every run.
  • Sustainability: Customers can feel good about buying cans. Metal packaging is indefinitely recycled, which means it can be reused again and again without loss of integrity or performance.
  • Customer Preference: Aluminum packaging has long been a top choice of the consumer and beverage copacker. The superior look and feel of aluminum cans create an impression of upscale quality that isn’t matched by other materials.

If you are searching for a canning company and beverage copacker that serves companies in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and beyond, Tropical Bottling Co. is here to give you expert advice and bring your beverage to store shelves. Contact us today!